About Us

Travel is About Bringing People Together. It's about bringing conversation back to the travel experience. Creating everlasting memories, forming new bonds or rekindling old friendships.

Ocean Suite Sunshine creates opportunities to free your mind, leave your stress behind and explore the rich heritage of Goa.

The Little Things MatterLike being welcomed by team members who greet the morning with exactly what you wanted but didn't need to ask: the morning paper, coffee and a warm hello. Or simply being able to open the door to the most comfortable room you've seen in weeks and collapsing into a much-needed catnap.

Staying with us puts Goa's leisure attractions and dining right on your doorstep and is the perfect base from which to discover the city.And the Big Things tooRecognizing that travel brings people together, we're on a mission to bring conversation back to the travel experience.

Ocean Suite HotelsOur collection of 3 Hotels is scattered around North Goa in exciting and inspiring locations. Whether you're looking for a peaceful, relaxing vacation or a fun-filled family getaway, our breathtaking hotels provide the perfect setting to make new memories.Ocean Suite Sunshine is a member of the well-known Ocean Suite Hotels Group, which is one of the most successful hospitality groups in Goa. It is set to be the preferred choice among travellers for its exceptional service offers at affordable prices.

Ocean Suite Sunshine promise's value for money with a desirable combination of dining and leisure features. It offers a choice of Deluxe rooms with a spacious balcony as you watch the world go by or set amidst lush gardens, the Superior rooms with a private balcony. The hotel understands the needs of the modern traveller, reflecting their well-informed, quality-conscious and performance-oriented personality. It delivers honest, tasteful, and adaptable accommodation to the global leisure traveller.

Dine at our renowned restaurant 'Angaara' serving B.B.Q & Grill food or quench your every thirst for the most reasonable prices in Goa at 'Taverna Paciência' and 'Refresh'. Ocean Suite Sunshine is the ultimate destination from which to explore Goa's amazing boutiques, shops and beaches.

Ocean Suite Sunshine offers space to live, breathe and express yourself in unique style. An outdoor pool and just a short hop to the sea, sand and sunbathing off the coast. The luxury of space, the energy of Goa, the beauty of Ocean Suite and the warmth of Sunshine.